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High Performance Computing ?


High Performance Computing is  a calculation operation that is done with a high performance computer or briefly HPC, is called also cluster given its composition of several combined components,so that the user can execute programs very fast, hundreds of times faster than ordinary computer.

Interest domains

Solutions of high performance computing (HPC) are used for various purposes in several sectors. such as :
  • Research laboratories.High-performance computing helps scientists to find sources of renewable energy, understand the evolution of the universe, predict and track the evolution of storms, and create new materials.
  • Multimedia and entertainment.High-performance computing is used to edit feature films, create stunning special effects and broadcast live events around the world.
  • Oil and gas sector.High-performance computing can more accurately identify locations to drill new wells and boost production from existing wells.
  • Artificial intelegence and machine learning. High-performance computing is used to detect credit card fraud, provide self-directed technical support, teach self-driving vehicles, and improve cancer screening techniques.
  • Financial services.High-performance computing is used to track stock trends in real time and automate trades.
  • High-performance computing helps design new products, simulate test scenarios, and ensure spare parts are stocked to avoid production line downtime.
  • High-performance computing enables the development of treatments for diseases such as diabetes and cancer, and faster, more accurate diagnoses.

Computer components:

this computer or supercomputer consists of several units:

  • Control node:or administration node  which is the main unit through which the system manager monitors and controls the rest of the units, adjusts settings, installs operating systems and necessary software, monitors the status of the rest of the units, and distributes functions among them based on user needs and available resources.
  • Calculation node    : a group of calculation units that cooperate with each other to perform large calculations.
  • Storage node  : a storage server, manages data backup operations and calculation results.
  • Visualisation  node  : it's a post processing server.
  • Storage  bay : a unit consists of a group of hard disks with a large storage capacity.
  • graphics unit : This unit is used in the case of the implementation of programs requiring high graphic resolution, such as geographic information systems (GIS).

Computer caracteristics:

  • System: the machine's operating system is primarily a Linux distribution.
  • Processor: each unit (control unit and calculation units) consists of two independent processors and each processor contains several cores.
  • Central memory: each Node has its own memory.
  • Storage:in more than one shared storage volume, each unit has its own internal storage disk account.

Equipement of high performance computer:

In addition to the high-performance computer, the intensive computing unit room contains:

  • High precision air conditioning system to maintain adequate temperature. 
  • Inverter to allow the machine to run continuously when the power is off for a period of time.
  • As well as a current rectifier to control the appropriate current intensity and avoid high or low currents that could cause the device to malfunction.

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